Abuse chat free room sexual survivor

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Abuse chat free room sexual survivor

Prey/meat/food is all we are to them and they don't WANT to NOT harm. The oath doctors have to take saying that they will first do no harm.

Do you think that there weren't many psychopaths who became doctors just so that they COULD harm others under the guise of being a doctor?

Have we really LEARNED anything from the Holocaust?

That psychopaths in positions of authroity create insanity and can destroy entire societies.

What I always find so striking is how many of them do NOT give you that creepy feeling or give you any indication of being dangerous.

The one primary characteristic is that they have no conscience and therefore no guilt, shame, or embarrassment for their evil thoughts/plans to tip you off to the fact you're dealing with someone who will harm you.

And let's keep telling those of us who can feel and give love to others that we are somehow to blame for this, that it's not these poor psychopaths fault they were born like this (implying its OUR fault?In my experience, if you get that "creepy feeling" around someone chances are you are not dealing with a sociopath/psychopath/anti-social disorder or you have encountered one in mid-hunt.They are predators and when "hunting" they do give off a weird vibe, otherwise you may never know the kind of danger your facing when looking one directly in the eye.They always remind me of sharks patrolling the waters.Sometimes they're just cruising and other times they're hunting.

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The nazi doctors who willingly performed scientific experiments on others (not the ones who were forced to do it but WILLINGLY did it).