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I am an outgoing, fun, creative girl whose just coming out of my shell and into this great new world with all you girls My name is Jory!

I´m the kind of the girl that smiles at you when you´re walking down the street, that has intense conversations with complete strangers, and laughs at innappropriate times because she feels like it. I´m I am a photographer by trade, so if you see that dazed lookin my eye while I am staring at you I am probly composing an image. I also like to get out and see live bands Planning on being in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide for my Xmas vacation.

I will tell you some things about myself and my life, please feel free to send me a note. No Couples the rest of I'm open to short-term and long-term relationships, but I'm not a casual person.

I'm told I'm intense, and I don't have any intentions on changing that.

Many say I am a very down to earth person,and love making new acquaintences so lets get something happening.

Coffee,drinks,pool,a movie you name it, I'm game for anything.

I'm not interested in anyone who wants a fling or a light affair.

i'm a shy southern girl who loves the outdoors, fishing,camping and hanging out with friends and family. This is what I like: Nothing ever seems right when writing one of these. I am an open hearted lady that is down to earth, fun loving and outgoing and my friends will tell you that I am beautiful, confident and very honest.

I am moved by kindness and compassion, seeing the little things that people can pass by.I can´t wait to get back into the city life :) I still really want to meet some nice welcoming people.I´ve spent the holidays doing some of the things I love: watching movies, reading Hey, My name's Jess Castle.We had a lot in common and while Chris was the pursuer, I was a willing pursuee:). I currently work as a tour guide for Vancouver Island so I am constantly travelling back and forth.

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It was so hard to find other gay singles, especially in our area which is kind of a small town.