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" The creators of Yahoo (who were 100% redneck) decided this was a great name for a company, and they went for it. At first "Yahoo" was used to provide the simulation of a personal signature to replies to customers asking advice. Chat is a free chat room service exclusively for Yahoo! Anyone is welcome, so you may even come across a nigger (Not to be confused with a monkey).

Whenever you try to enter a chat room, you have to enter a CAPTCHA which are completely unreadable.

In 2008, gay sex bots were introduced to the Yahoo! The gay sex bots are only found in the homosexual chat rooms, so it's highly suspected that you've already came across a few. You also must provide your location, some of the most common locations include: "Don't worry about it", "Home", "How the fuck should I know? For example, you can fill out the About Me and Interest fields as well as choosing a cover image to use for your profile.

They, similar to the female sex bots, just want you to visit their pay-sites and fap to them, while watching them fap. But to be sure to suck the fun out of everything, Yahoo!

The solution, of course, is that Yahoo puts their fax numbers on its website.

Just go ahead and use a free fax site and send Yahoo support requests by fax. Yahoo, despite being insignificant and obsolete on all levels each due to a different competitor, is not without its trolls.

Rarely, when you find one that is readable and you enter the code, 99% of the time it will tell you that you got it wrong. It is debatable if it even should be considered a profile at all because you can't do shit on it. Profiles does not allow you to have a friends list, because Yahoo! They also do not allow for you to comment on people's profiles, play games, post status updates, share photos and videos, or anything else that might be considered fun.

In order to be able to use a chat client, you must be a have no job and no life, and you MUST be a virgin. Whenever you try to send mail on Yahoo, you have to enter a CAPTCHA which, much like Google's, are completely unreadable.Yahoo, an invented persona and mascot, is a search engine, website and trademark.The name was first developed when Brian Peppers squeezed a young boy's nuts and he screamed "Yahoo! Company executives chose the name "Yahoo" because it seemed warm and friendly to them. Chat rooms are typically considered paradise for assholes, cam whores, cousin fucking hillbillies, geeks, hackers, homosexuals, internet bullies, loners, losers, nerds, old people, overweight people, pedophiles, perverts, poor people, retards, trolls, ugly people, virgins and white trash. Chat rooms, you can also expect to come across several sex bots, terrorists, and on very rare occasions you might come across a normal person in the chat room.Given its roots with programmers, that means that new Stack Exchange verticals may not be as mainstream as those of competing sites, but that’s okay with Spolsky.The Stack Exchange sites are still growing 40 percent to 50 percent per month.

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