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It took me 14 months to realize that I could no longer be home all the time. She was not around much but when she was, she somehow found it necessary to start fights with me and our teenage boys.I decided that although I did (and think I still do) love her, I really did not like her at all! So, I became the mediator in our house and did my best to smooth out things between my wife and the kids.He’s now on disability for paranoid szchophrenia, and even though we’re together 24/7 he swears I’m cheating.I’ve given up trying to prove to him that I’ve never cheated and never will.He cheated on his wife and verbally and physically abused his wife and daughter (my wife).My wife was very attentive and a great mom to our 4 kids until about 5 years ago.

This is when I really began to realize that I did not know my wife anymore.but he’d place his phone throughout the home, and even though it was clear to rational people I was talking to my son, or even my bf, my bf heard what his paranoid mind wanted.Only after a month or 2 of being off the drug did he realize that it was us talking on the recordings, and there’s no trap doors , no moving walls.But I had just moved back to my home town and became so consumed with him, I never got the chance to connect with any women.The friends that I did have were not interested in coming over for several reasons.

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