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Her body shows the perfection of youth in just over thirty digital photos available to any Cuban who owns a computer. The occasion just presented itself, and I thought it was fun.

The person who took them was my boyfriend at the moment. We were playing around and he took the camera out and I started to pose.

“Kinsey’s Scale,” one of his most fundamental contributions, understands all the steps that, according to the scientist, explain human interests in the sexual area, with its nuances and variations. It is enough to put together evidence, declarations.

But also because not too long ago, the behavior of the most sexually active people still had an intimacy, hidden from the public, like something sacred and inviolable.

FROM ALFRED KINSEY TO TODAY His name represented a watershed for the understanding of the human sexual behavior, early 20th Century.

There was no money in it.” “And what did he tell you he was going to do with the photos? But it wasn’t something we planned or prepared, it’s something you can notice in the photos, it was just spur of the moment.

When we finished having sex we looked at them and he told me he was going to save them on the computer. But he made the copies on a computer at school and that’s where they spread from. She knows that I, just like a thousand other people – mostly men — have seen them on a personal computer, some have been stored with zeal and have been a secret inspiration for desperate single men. Her beauty is impressive for a young girl from a working class family, without extremes of skin care or silicon devices. In 2005 she was another one of those purged from the University of Computer Sciences (UCI) in Havana.

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