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“This suggests that Tibet has always been populated—even during the toughest times as far as climate was concerned,” Xu says.

That idea contradicts the commonly held notion that any early plateau dwellers would have been eliminated during harsh climate intervals such as LGM and another period known as the Younger Dryas between 12,900 and 11,600 years ago, says David Zhang, a geographer at the University of Hong Kong, who was not involved in Xu’s research.

Science has long held that humans did not set foot in this alien place until 15,000 years ago, as suggested by archaeological evidence of the earliest known settlement on the northeastern fringe of the plateau 3,000 meters above sea level.A custody to the children Megan and Erine was given to Arci just before the death of his bestfriend Sarah.The children’s uncle, Paco has no choice but to live and get along with Arci.“It’s increasingly clear that there has been much earlier and much more persistent human occupation of the plateau than we previously thought,” Aldenderfer says.In the San Pino Restaurant at Düsseldorf Airport you can design your own crispy, home-baked gourmet pizza using exclusive ingredients such as shrimps and duck.

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