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Or maybe send a chair massage person to your favorite accountants office? If you don’t have relationship with accountants, ask your clients for an introduction to their favorites. you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!

And remember, I am never too busy for your Sacramento area real estate referrals. Below is a large list of pop-by ideas for November.

If you don't physically push the door closed it will not close completely by itself.

The freezer door raises and lowers as you open or close the door. Also what item number should I look for you have so many to choose from. Ted, You will want to check the cams on the door hinge as this would be the most likely cause for the door not closing properly.

This month I am giving out this handy drain unclogging tool called a ” Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool”. My favorite accountants are some of my best referral sources for new clients. From now until April 15, Accountants meet with a majority of their clients… Last year I began loving on these treasured referral partners with “Tax Relief Baskets”. ” Or a cute little honey bear ( each) with the Tagline: “Wishing you a ‘beary’ sweet Valentine’s Day…

My Dad gave me one a few years ago and it has saved us from some very hairy situations! but ended up buying them from for about .50 each, when you buy a 12 pack. Don’t overlook these number crunchers during their most stressful time of year. Basically, I get a big basket and fill it with snack foods and fruit from Costco. from your honey of a realtor.” Well, I have the car loaded and I am off to do my pop-bys.

A great way to get face-to-face with lots of clients before they gather with friends and family for the holidays.How/where do I disconnect it so I can replace the "cam/hinge" and put the tubing through the hinge?Hello Kathy, You remove the kick panel and the water line is on the left side. You will need to put down a towel and remove the side of the coupling closest to the door.Your appliance may differ depending on the manufacturer and model.Kitchenaid KSRS251 - The refrigerator door no longer lines up with the top of the freezer door.

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We ordered this part from your company and it was received quickly.