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Since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, they became more culturally, economically, and politically aligned with the industrial Northern states, and are often identified as part of the Mid-Atlantic and/or Northeast by many residents, businesses, public institutions, and private organizations.

However, the United States Census Bureau puts them in the South.

Indeed, studies have shown that Southerners are more conservative than non-Southerners in several areas, including religion, morality, international relations and race relations.

This is evident in both the region’s religious attendance figures and in the region’s usually strong support for the Republican Party in political elections since the 1960s, and especially since the 1990s.

Kudzu is a particularly severe problem in the Piedmont regions of South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. 1000 BC – AD 1000), preceded what the Europeans found at the end of the 15th century—the Mississippian culture.

In order of their secession, these were: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina.Another common environment is found in the bayous and swamplands of the Gulf Coast, especially in Louisiana and Texas.Parts of the rural South have been overrun by kudzu, an invasive, fast-growing, leafy vine that can spread over trees, land, roads, and buildings, choking and killing indigenous plants.The Southern ethnic heritage is diverse and includes strong European (mostly Scotch-Irish, Scottish, English, German and French), African, and some Native American components.Some other aspects of the historical and cultural development of the South have been influenced by an early support for the doctrine of states' rights, the institution of slave labor on plantations in the Deep South to an extent seen nowhere else in the United States; the presence of a large proportion of African Americans in the population; and the legacy of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era, as seen in thousands of lynchings (mostly from 1880 to 1930), the segregated system of separate schools and public facilities known as “Jim Crow laws”, that lasted until the 1960s, and the widespread use of poll taxes and other methods to frequently deny black people of the right to vote or hold office until the 1960s.

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Crops grow easily in the South; its climate consistently provides growing seasons of at least six months before the first frost.