Shiva rea nude

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Shiva rea nude

But now, back to my story: my 50 birthday was a wake-up call.It forced me to take a good, hard look at my life in some very deep ways.Shakti captures the power, strength, and grace that women hold.The photographs manage to capture a feeling of motion and fluidity that I feel is lacking in other books that are devoted to photographs of yoga asanas.The result is a feeling of being totally alive and plugged in to the present moment.On this new moon, we celebrate the FIRST Gnawa Lila coming to LA for a special afternoon into the midnight hour transformational healing ritual with extraordinary artists from this root Moroccan music-dance-chant trance tradition.

And by the way, I use the term “rock star” with total respect, love and admiration.

And I want to stress here that my discovery of Shiva Rea at this juncture in my life was a complete, random accident! Knowing literally nothing about what I was getting myself into, I registered for a five-day immersion—Foundations of Flow Teacher Training—with Shiva Rea. Let it suffice to say that Shiva does not call it a transformational practice and an evolutionary journey for nothing.

I cannot even begin to express in words, the numerous ways that my life has been transformed, over the course of the last nine years since I first began practicing with Shiva. But every once in a while something will hit me like a ton of bricks and I am reminded of this most amazing attitude and way of being in the world, that I am privy to, as a result of the intensity of her teachings.

Then, having connected more deeply to God, we’re able to connect more deeply with each other.

Our connection to the divine unlocks our connection to the universe.

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Shakti's photographs are all black and white with a grainy texture which lends itself well to the artist's vision.

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