Women looking to cam

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Women looking to cam

I also took out the front-facing camera of my i Phone 6 because smartphones are very likely where most Millennials are taking their selfies.With the exception of using these different lenses (which I thought was fair since the majority of professional photographers I've met and worked with utilize a variety) and a reflector at times, we didn't do anything except angle my face. People often think that photos taken from above slim you down while photos taken from below make you look plumper.Before I knew what Photoshop was (and before I discovered the not-often-taught concept of falling in love with your own body), I blindly trusted the imagery I encountered in my magazines.

Turning to Fat-Grinning-Me, you know how I said people often think photos taken from above always make you look thinner?The thing about having full control of your image in a camera, however, is that it also makes it easier to control how slender or plus size you look. Every individual has the right to choose how they present.I'm just saying that selfies give us plenty of opportunities to look, well, not-how-we-really-look.Years later, when I started taking my own photos with the help of my partner slash photographer, I began to see just how straightforward it is to make yourself look thinner or fatter.In an effort to showcase how simple it is to alter your weight in images with no actual Photoshopping, I partook in a little photoshoot.

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Along with all types of fat, we've been conditioned to believe double chins are up there with non-flat stomachs and cellulite-y thighs on the list of "features to avoid at all costs." In the "thin" image above, you'd hardly know I have chin and neck fat.

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