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Accommodating autism classroom

For example, placing a sign over the restroom with the word written out clearly for the child to read and a picture of a toilet as a visual clue helps the child with autism quickly identify the restroom without feeling frustrated.

Pictures and words should be used all around the classroom to help identify areas such as where coats and lunches are stored, pencils are sharpened, and books are put on the shelf.

Forming exact questions can be frustrating and difficult, causing some students with autism to become agitated.

Teachers can address this by providing an organized classroom with specific areas that the student can identify through verbal or visual clues.

It is also important that teachers include the school speech therapist, occupational therapist, special education teacher, and counselor in the child’s web of adult resources.

After establishing a support group, it is time to identify the student’s verbal and intellectual abilities.

In some cases, medications are prescribed to relieve symptoms associated with autism, though doctors must be cautious when prescribing medicine for children whose brains are still developing.

Such strategies are especially necessary in dealing with children with autism. Autism is a brain disorder that impairs the ability to communicate, socialize, and maintain ordinary relationships with others.Explore these and other issues surrounding Autism in the Classroom.In a world of Internet-based learning and individualized learning plans, the biggest concern of educators is no longer with getting children to sit in alphabetical order in a row of desks.People with autism demonstrate a range of verbal and intellectual capacities, from low to high. Children with autism may, for instance, resist even minor changes in their routines.They may also appear detached or withdrawn in social situations, unable to engage in ordinary conversation.

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The use of slang phrases such as “it’s raining cats and dogs” is also very hard for students with autism to decipher because they communicate in a very literal, concrete sense.