Are chris pine and zachary quinto dating updating rockstar games

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Are chris pine and zachary quinto dating

While attending the red carpet premiere of "Star Trek Into Darkness" in New York City, the two actors revealed that their relationship toward each other has grown to be as playfully opposed as the Enterprise's captain and his first officer.

"The worst thing is that Zach likes to play these ridiculous vocabulary games," Pine revealed, "which he will tell everybody he wins, which is such a crock of bullsh--." "I think we both have a healthy sense of competition, which infuses our dynamic a little bit with an edge of humor and spontaneity," says Quinto, kind of proving Pine's point by using a phrase like "infuses our dynamic a little bit." But this friendly competition goes hand-in-hand with the roles the two actors have successfully brought to the big screen.

Margin Call premiered in January 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Margin Call received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, by JC Chandor.

The co-stars, along with director Justin Lin and the franchise’s original director JJ Abrams, unveiled the newly named “Leonard Nimoy Way” in memory of the original Spock actor.

Quinto graduated from Central Catholic High School in 1995, where he participated in their musicals and won the Gene Kelly Award for Best Supporting Actor, and then attended Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama, from which he graduated in 1999. In 2003, during the theatrical run of Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Kristina Lloyd In 2006, Quinto played the role of Sasan: the haughty, gay Iranian-American best friend of Tori Spelling on her VH1 series So No TORIous.

Quinto first appeared on television in the short-lived television series The Others, and appeared as a guest star on shows including CSI, Touched by an Angel, Charmed, Six Feet Under, Lizzie Mc Guire, and L. Later that year, he joined the cast of Heroes as Gabriel Gray, better known as the serial killer Sylar. Abrams-directed reboot of the Star Trek film franchise was officially announced at the 2007 Comic-Con.

It "..a movie written and directed by my former landlady and friend, [actress Coley Sohn].

She called up and said, 'Would you do me a favor and be in my short film?

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Quinto has also kept up his theatre experience, which includes roles in a variety of productions, including classics such as Beckett's Endgame at the Los Angeles Odyssey Theatres in 2003, In 2010, Quinto's company Before the Door Pictures produced Margin Call, an independent film about the financial crisis.

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