Audrey tautou benoit poelvoorde dating Inland empire phone chat line

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Audrey tautou benoit poelvoorde dating

She performs a sadness so quiet, still and intense, it seems almost eternal.

To use her own words: "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." Coco Chanel always kept the clothing she designed simple, comfortable and revealing.Unlike most designers in that Europe, she kept the woman inside the clothes at the center of her creations."I gave women a sense of freedom; I gave them back their bodies: bodies that were drenched in sweat, due to fashion's finery, lace, corsets, underclothes, padding." Perhaps it was fate or desperation from her impoverished upbringing but the affair with the playboy millionaire and, later, his best friend were pivotal to give her the push she needed to make a start.Tautou so perfectly captured that young, relentless lover but with a sensuality and command that few actresses could have pulled off convincingly.Her character suffers from a polio-related handicap and the scene where she runs after the car taking Manech to war is unforgettable: “If I reach the bend before the car Manech will come back alive!

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She is, as usual, sincere in her delivery—even when she is delivering a sincerely superficial character.

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