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Azrbaycan dating fotos site

The flag is also described in the technical specification "AZS 001-2006. Texniki şərtlər." published by the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2006.The colors of the national flag are green, red, sky blue, and white.Upper stripe is blue, middle stripe is red, and the lower one is green; in the middle of red stripe on both sides of the flag white crescent with eight-pointed star are depicted. Each stripe is one-third of the total height of the flag and extends the full length.The star and crescent were placed in a box that has a ratio of 3:4; the crescent is shifted one-sixtieth from the center.The cultural mandate further assumes that Christian justice demands that the lives of non-Christians must be watched over and their welfare protected, regardless of unbelief, because every person is made in the image of God.

The cultural mandate is fundamental to the theocratic ideal of Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism (where it is often called "the dominion mandate"), but it does not by itself imply that ideal.

Those who advocate it have typically assumed that there are principles established by God which underlie all human society, that apply to all people and not only Christians, but which Christians are to apply in the modern context within a biblical framework.

For example, the public agenda for the criminalization of murder would not usually begin and end with the Bible, but might take the form of arguing that murder violates what society calls a "self-evident right to life" that all men deserve, and murder contradicts the widely accepted pragmatic consideration that it is in one's own interest not to harm one another or society - for, although such moral reasoning comes short of a Christian rationale, it may be deemed compatible in practical terms with Christian aims.

Fatali Khan Khoyski points to the eight letters in the word "Azerbaijan" as written in Arabic.

The eight points of the star are also thought to stand for the eight Turkic peoples of Azerbaijan.

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A presidential decree declared November 9, the date when in 1918 this flag was adopted as the national flag of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, as the national Flag Day.

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