Billy chelsea still dating

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Billy chelsea still dating

And in a way, it’s nice that it’s someone that you’re comfortable with, that you trust, who’s a great person. [laughs] So we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, because right now, I don’t even know potentially what the story is going to be.

I don’t really know if Chelsea will just walk right back into Adam’s arms, because they still have a lot of stuff to work through since he left…

Obviously, when she came to town three years ago, it was on much worse terms, and she was really trying to mess with Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and extort them; she was not a good person.

But I feel like after she became a nice person again, [she and Billy] had a really nice friendship, and then that’s fallen into a deeper passion, and that passion fell into love.

“If anything, it’s great, because I adore Justin,” she continues.“We’ve been getting that question a lot, and it’s so funny,” Egan says with a laugh about the fact that Chelsea and Adam have a romantic past, so it’s likely that she and Hartley will have to play love scenes together.“It actually works out perfectly: I’ve always wanted Chrishell’s body, so now, since Justin’s her real-life boyfriend, I can just hire her as my body double for love scenes. ” In reality though, the actress isn’t sure whether or not Chelsea will even let Adam near her, let alone near her lips or other areas.So there are a lot of layers to their relationship right now, so that’s going to be hard to break, too, when Adam does come back to town.” Although, that’s not to say that her connection with Adam isn’t just as strong — if not stronger — despite his bad deeds and the strange situation they’ll be in with him returning from the “dead.” “Adam and Chelsea’s love is intense.It’s a deep love and passion for each other,” says the actress.

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And she has good reason: The former “Revenge” actor just happens to be the real-life boyfriend of her real-life best friend, Chrishell Stause (Jordan Ridgeway, “Days of our Lives;” ex-Amanda Dillon, “All My Children”)!