Boundaries dating

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Boundaries dating

I still have every precious card and letter we wrote to one another during that time.They are lovingly arranged in chronological order and tucked away in a shoebox in our storage shed.But first, here are a few clarifying points about boundaries: 1. A woman’s worth is not found in her outward appearance, but in her heart.

Setting a boundary is part of the process to define what is acceptable to you. Enough being “friends with benefits.” That’s just messing with your heart. “Boundaries in Dating” by Cloud and Townsend is a great resource to help you get started.

As humans we all have the desire to know and be known by others.

We are created by God to connect and yearn for relationship with one another. It’s only natural that as you get to know and like someone, that you desire for them to know and like the you.

But for many, the temptation can be to go too deep, too fast – especially emotionally. Why is it vital for us to guard our heart, as the writer of Proverbs puts it, .

And when we do this well, the reward is that our lives will resemble springs of living water!

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The problem is that when a relationship prematurely moves too deep, too soon, it leaves us vulnerable to heartbreak and emotional damage.

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