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BC was the sixth province to join the Confederation of Canada, in 1871.

This was done at least partly on the basis of a promise by the Federal Government to build a railway linking BC to the rest of Canada.

Significant geographical barriers and political feuding delayed the completion of this railway until 1885 when the last spike was driven home at a place called Craigellachie in the Eagle Pass area in the interior of BC.

Prior to arrival of Europeans BC was a very prosperous area. This was demonstrated by the advanced culture that existed in BC.British Columbia is about four times the size of Great Britain with less than one tenth of the population.British Columbia is a very mountainous region with a number of major ranges running mostly north-south from the coast to the border between BC and Alberta.If you want to view campground layout, you don't need to select dates. If you have a question about your bookings or have an account question call 1-800-689-9025 to speak to a reservation agent.

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Many of the First Nation communities have being trying to revive their culture and are now often the center of much of the ecotourism industry.