Cairo dating

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Cairo dating

Toward the end of high school, children take an exam similar to the SAT required of students planning to go to college in the U. The results of that exam determine which college each student will attend and also which fields of study are open to that student.Top students can attend the American University in Cairo, which teaches its courses in English.Love to travel and adventure, crazy football, I love reading, coach, fitness, adore the gym, I like to sit at home with the love, study business administration, and also studying nutrition Height 176, weight 80, hair Hi my name is Iman my friends calling me Amy, I am Egyptian single mother I have 1 son, he is living with me. I am looking for the good husband who will accept my son. Egyptian, my hobbies is reading, watching moves, swimming. Traditionally, women would remain in the back of the house and not come into the living room if someone who was not a close friend or family visited, although this is less common now.It is, however, considered inappropriate for a woman and man who are not married or related to be alone together.

Among the middle and upper classes, often the man and woman know each other from school or university, where young people gather in groups like they do in the West.Apartments usually have one large room in the front - the living room, where the family entertains guests.Guests who are not relatives are generally not permitted back into the rest of the house.Either at the instigation of the couple, or at their own initiative, the two families meet to discuss the terms of the marriage.This discussion usually covers such topics as the dowry, who will pay for the wedding, etc.

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Wealthier families spend large sums of money, sometimes renting ballrooms at the luxury hotels in Cairo to gather all their family and friends for the festivities, which may be spread out over several days.