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Kenneth "Chi" Mc Bride (born September 23, 1961) is an American actor.

He starred as high school principal Steven Harper on the series Boston Public, as Emerson Cod on Pushing Daisies, as Detective Laverne Winston on the Fox drama Human Target, and more recently as Detective Don Owen in the short-lived CBS crime drama Golden Boy.

Frequently cast as a wisecracking friend to the lead character, Mc Bride is also a fruitful movie actor.

He later began a four-year stint as Principal Steven Harper on the hit series Boston Public, ending in 2004.

Some of his other acclaimed TV roles are those in The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer and Killer Instinct.

He graduated high school at the age of 16, and later on became a telephone operator with MCI.

He originally planned to pursue a musical career but after his success with the blues band Covert, he considered acting as well.

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Other films that Chi Mc Bride has appeared in are First Sunday, American Son and The Brothers Solomon.

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