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They should not reveal or discuss a patient’s history, symptoms, diagnosis, or treatment with anyone except as authorized by the patient, or otherwise required by law. The doctor’s records, including x-rays of a patient, shall be considered a permanent part of the doctor’s files in keeping with the requirements of the rules and regulations of the Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners.Information contained in these records, either as originals, or copies, shall be made available to those persons as authorized and designated by the patient.You oftentimes spend more time with your employees than you even do your family. You may even become attracted to a few of your employees, but before you decide to act on your emotions, our team at […] In many cases, it is permissible to treat both family and employees.However, you must maintain accurate and thorough chiropractic treatment notes for these patients, just as you would for any other patient. The obvious reason for this is they, for any reason, elect to file […] In order to understand what the issue is in dating chiropractic patients, its’ important to understand the reason why you have chiropractic boundary rules that preclude you from dating a chiropractic patient is because there is a huge power differential between the chiropractor and the patient.The doctor should avoid false hope or an unreasonable prognosis of the patient's treatment.

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Should a patient fail to benefit or show adequate clinical improvement in a reasonable period of time, the doctor should so inform the patient, discontinue further care, and make alternative recommendations or referrals. Doctors are entitled to receive reasonable compensation for their professional services that is commensurate with the value of those services in light of their experience, certified specialization, time required and complexity of the condition involved. Doctors must avoid the referral of a patient for goods or services elsewhere whereby doing so the doctor receives some form of compensation directly or indirectly in return for the referral.

It shall be unethical to engage in fee splitting in any form. It shall be unethical to solicit or receive patients, directly or indirectly, through a third party by compensating the referring source or sources in any tangible manner whatsoever. The Doctor of Chiropractic should maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct and should refrain from all illegal, unethical or morally reprehensible conduct, or mere appearance of such impropriety. Doctor of Chiropractic shall be knowledgeable and abide by all laws and related regulations governing the practice of chiropractic. The Doctor of Chiropractic should stay alert to the needs of the profession and the expectations of the public, and to work for and support those efforts that are mutually beneficial and will promote greater public confidence. As licensed members of a learned profession Doctors of Chiropractic should strive to improve their clinical skills by availing themselves to the latest scientific concepts and teachings as taught in accredited continuing professional education programs. The Doctor of Chiropractic should work to promote cordial relations with all members and branches of the healing arts, to encourage dialogue, and the exchange of information to benefit public health. Doctors of Chiropractic and their immediate dependents should receive gratuitous professional services (i.e., professional courtesy) from other doctors of chiropractic unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance. Doctors of Chiropractic should be supportive of only those organizations that promote the ethical practice of the profession.

This code is not intended to conflict with any existing legal statute. The health and welfare of the public should be paramount.

The doctor of chiropractic should be responsive to the call of patients and prospective patients in need of professional care.

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