Country song about daughter dating

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Also called John Shenandoah or John Skanandoa, the chief lived in the central New York state town of Oneida Castle.He was a co-founder of the Oneida Academy, which became Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, and is buried on the campus grounds.In 2015, "Our Great Virginia", which uses the melody of "Shenandoah" was designated by the Virginia Legislature as the official traditional state song of Virginia.It features in the soundtrack of the 1965 movie, Shenandoah, starring Jimmy Stewart, and is also heard as a part of a medley in the 1962 film How the West Was Won.I have many times heard it sung down the hold on the wool screws by the Sydney waterside workers ...and many were full-blood negroes, who undoubtedly brought these chanteys off the cotton ships....

Most of these Canadian and American "voyageurs" in the fur trade era were loners who became friendly with, and sometimes married, Native Americans.

Much of the current focus is on energetically efficient and environmentally sound recovery processes as well as issues around the handling and transportation of elemental sulfur.

ASRL is supported and governed by a broad cross-section of the petroleum-based energy industry and specific sulfur production and supply businesses from Canada, The United States and much of Europe as well as The Middle and Far East.

By the mid 1800s versions of the song had become a sea shanty heard or sung by sailors in various parts of the world.

The song is number 324 in the Roud Folk Song Index.

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