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Couples dating houston com

The Petite Retreat offers two Massage Rooms with two massage tables in each room so that you and your partner can enjoy your spa treatments in the same room.

Or, if you so desire, you, your partner and another couple can enjoy your spa treatments in the adjacent rooms for a two couple experience!

You can choose to have the facials first or the massages first.

Gratuities are welcome not just for the obvious reason but also because they're seen as a sign of your appreciation for the therapist's hard work and desire to please you.

Our trained and licensed therapists are grateful for any specific requests that you might make of them to make your experience especially pleasing to you and your partner.

Our strict spa policy is that we only serve one couple at a time so there would only be another couple present if you so requested and made a two couple reservation.

You, each will have your own therapist in a candle lit room with rose petals scattered on the massage tables.

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Meet, socialize, laugh, and make friends with other couples in Houston!

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