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Those seem to hold a very black and white view of the world and get 'set in their ways' very early on in life and its very difficult to get them to expand their worldview and experience new and different ways of thinking.They sort of have a drone way of thinking, rely heavily on religion for their void fulfillment and don't seem to ask the same questions of the universe I ask.Do people who are artistically talented, tend to seek out relationships with other artistic people?Does a creative person feel that they have more in common, with another creative person?

I look for people who also have these interests as its one of my passions, and think a new potential partner should share common interests. Anyone that really understands motorcycles/art could take one look at my motorcycle and understand just how creative I am. It could very well be that I would really mesh with another creative person.everyone has creativity in them.

i can almost always find the creative space in another person and encourage them to cultivate it. Art is expression in any area of life that moves you.

i do prefer other artists, but, like i said, anyone can create art, once we broaden our definition of 'art.'I'm certainly not a creative person myself. I think it's an appreciation of their talent, combined with an attraction to people who are independant thinkers. As an artist a value all input, I don't judge by artistic ability .. Which is the thing I am after.blessed be I think most people have a creative side they just have not explored it.

Each doing their own work and on occasion pairing up on different projects. But on the flip side it might be too much, not enough balance. However..a significant other, it can be too much creative ego clashing..need to be creative in a different way than me, or it can start feeling competitive. You have to know what it is and how they like to deal with it and not take it personally.

Or if they are more intellectual, it makes a nice balance. I don't intentionally seek out other artistic people,yet, when you are in the creative/artistic field it is likely you'll find artistic/creative people sooner or later. The love of my life was a painter and she was a VERY gifted artist.

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Non-artistic people: Have you had any experiences with dating, or relationships, with artistic people? I think that is a good question because I find that non-artist do not appreciate the things that I do. Having probably had a varying number of both I'd have to say that while the artistic minded girls that I've dated seemed to have a 'view' of the universe that is similar to my own and could 'get me' better, it isn't ALWAYS that way.