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Posted by / 07-Sep-2015 19:27

I'm using Cell Value Changed currently on a grid with custom validation and have had no problems with display or anything else.I used this event because I wanted to fire off a certain order of events, but only when the user changes the value of a cell.You have two options for fixing this - one is to simply use the row's error text so instead of: The other option is to change the cell padding of the cell (moving the editing control) and painting the icon in.

See the image the information is provided there..., which are in blue color they are readonly ...... I use Apply Cell Style To Editing Control to apply cell style to the editor in order to apply the same padding.I have two Data Grid View Textbox Column in my Form.But this is not working, what should be the type for a number column? First this depends on a datatype in your source collection. Best if you put conditional a breakpoint in this method for certain cell (column).FYI, this is an win Form application and different data is loaded in the datagridview on runtime by user choice. Also I would avoid iterating thru each row anc column because this method is called for specific cell.

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