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Time was, everyone on both sides of the Atlantic hailed the ''bottled sunshine’’ pill Prozac as a wonder drug – and claimed to be on it.Today, people are more furtive about medication of this kind.And when we landed, I found my hand-eye co-ordination so unreliable I couldn’t properly manage the trolley.When I relived the episode with a friend, she burst out laughing: “Classic! So many women I’ve come across recently, in affluent south west London or at the inner city school gate, seem to be routinely pill-popping.

“It damages what for most people is their key cohesive experience – sex,” says Dr Pemberton.

Despite the light-hearted label, their impact is huge: over time antidepressants alter how our brain chemistry works, while tranquillisers depress the central nervous system almost instantly.

Both, says Dr Max Pemberton, the Telegraph columnist who works in mental health, can leave you “feeling spaced out, as if your emotional reactions were blunted”.

“And anyone who travels finds them readily available in Italy and Spain.

Others get theirs on the internet.” And there is a conspiracy of silence over this.

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” My experience chimed in with her own: she’d been using Xanax, a popular tranquilliser, to ward off panic attacks. Obviously, when even getting out of bed seems impossible, any medication that can pacify the dreaded “black dog” should be endorsed.