Dating askia muhammad jamaica

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Dating askia muhammad jamaica

He was successful in his rule there, extending Nsundi's borders probably north of the Congo River.

According to Afonso's account of events his father lost his interest in Christianity toward the end of his reign, but Afonso became a devout Christian.

The letters are often very long and give many details about the administration of the country.

Many of the letters complain about the behavior of several Portuguese officials, and these letters have given rise to an interpretation of Afonso's reign as one in which Portuguese interests submerged Afonso's ambitions.

Afonso was assisted in his attempt by his mother, who kept news of João's death and gave Afonso time to return to the capital city of Mbanza Kongo and gather followers.

Thus when the death of the king was announced Afonso was already in the city.

He was given the bishopric of Utica (in North Africa) by the Vatican, but actually served in Kongo from his return there in the early 1520s until his death in 1531.

Although his son was soon overthrown by his grandson Diogo (in 1545) and had to take refuge in a church, the grandchildren and later descendants of three of his daughters provided many later kings.

Notes ^ French, Howard W.: "A Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa", page 24.

Vintage Books, 2005 Reference: Sonni Ali was succeeded by Askia Muhammad Touré (1493-1528), who established a new dynasty, the Askia.

Askia Muhammad Toure, the leader of a rebellion against Sonni Baru, overthrew Sonni Ali's son.

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Virtually all that is known about Kongo in the time of Afonso's reign is known from his long series of letters, written in Portuguese primarily to the kings Manuel I and João III of Portugal.

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