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Dating cancer sign woman

It is important in this match to remember that you both are in need of affection.Do not hesitate to show your love for him and he will return it tenfold.This will most likely be the downfall of any relationship with him. Capricorn men are very in sync with what is going on around them.While their first ambition may seem to be material things, this is simply Capricorns' need to be materially secure.

Cancer and the Leo man will find that they are very compatible on a physical and emotional level. Accepting Leo's nature will be your main challenge.

You are both in touch with your sensitive side and value the people around you.

Be aware that your Cancer man is very much in touch with you, but if provoked, he can use this against you.

This pairing can lead to a sensual romance if both are open minded, focused and committed.

Cancer and the Sagittarius man will have a very rough and unstable relationship.

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Keep in mind that not everything has to be spoken aloud.

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