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Dating safety for teens

Like bullies in you classroom, there are bullies on the internet. This is a unique form of abuse that occurs online or through cell phones in the form of hate messages, bashing websites, hacking, posting mean comments, posing as someone else in order to receive personal/private information etc.

Don’t you remember the days when a guy asked you to go out on a Friday night that you could confidently say “yes” and not worry about whether or not you would be safe? Therefore, it’s important that you, as a parent, go over a few dating safety tips with your teens before they ever go out on their first date.

There are striking cases of dating abuse among teens so below are a few ways you can help make dating safer for your teens.

The first thing you should do, especially if you have a daughter, before you allow your teen to go out on a date is meet the date.

Here are some things to consider in designing your own safety plan.

Trust in yourself, listen to your inner voice regarding a relationship.

Another good dating safety tip is to encourage your teenagers to go out with other couples for the first few dates before going out alone with their dates.

Dating safety is usually found in numbers which means that the more double dates your teen goes on, the safer he or she will be.

Translation: taking a few extra precautions is just part of the job.

Whether you are babysitting or your parents are gone out for the night, you need to be on guard.

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