Dating tawag sa iraq

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We also recall that after months of relentless black propaganda by BS Aquino, a lot of Filipinos were convinced that Congress was right in impeaching former Chief Justice Renato Corona and that senator-judges were right in voting the guilty verdict at the conclusion of his trial.

The truth is, a lot of Filipinos lost their moral compass as soon as BS Aquino started his term.

It is worth mentioning that three of the senator-judges who gave Corona the guilty verdict are now detained and facing much bigger corruption charges for their involvement in the pork barrel scam compared to Corona’s inaccurate statement of assets, liabilities and net worth – a charge that the law allows the public servant to correct without removal from office.

What happened to Arroyo and Corona is enough proof that BS Aquino set a precedent for the executive to abuse his power.

He said his group has sufficient documents in their possession to show that pork is present in the 2015 General Appropriations Act (GAA).

Lacson also noted that the new budget now allows “savings” to be declared even before the end of the fiscal year.

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And no matter how much they deny it, the economy still relies heavily on remittances from overseas contract workers.

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