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Most building societies aim for long-term good value and loyalty.

High Street Banks have some appalling deals, including Halifax Liquid Gold at 0.4% after 20% savings tax (0.5% before tax), Instant Saver at 1.26% (1.57%) on £5,000 and Saver Reward paying as little as 0.53% (0.66%) on £5,000.

But its older Web Saver pays as little as 3.28% (4.1%).

Yorkshire Building Society Internet Saver at 4.56% (5.7%) has been a good payer — while Nationwide e-Savings at 4.04% (5.05%) is also consistent.

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Skipton pays 4.08% (5.1%) to those over 50 and retired — you must have part of your pension paid into the account.

Nationwide's Monthly Income 60 pays 3.97% (4.96%), and you need to have a pension paid into the account and open a current account, into which your interest is paid.

Banks' High Street Isas are bad for first-time savers.

For example, Halifax Isa Saver pays just 3.06% to 3.71%, and Abbey pays a miserly 3.8% on its Easy Isa on up to £6,000.

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SAVINGS Cash Isas Barclays Tax Haven pays 6.25%, but this includes a 1 percentage point bonus which you lose after a year.