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Divorced parents dating with children

Nonetheless, the one million children who see their parents divorce each year are effected by the trauma.There is no way to predict how any particular child will be effected or to what extent, but it is possible to predict its effects on society. The major issue for researchers is no longer what the ill effects of divorce are, but the depth and length of persistence of these effects on children, and on their future children and grandchildren. Each year over a million children suffer the divorce of their parents and by 1999, half of all American children reaching their eighteenth birthday and who were born to married parents will have experienced the divorce of their parents.The reversal of the legal status of divorce will entail nothing less than a cultural revolution because American culture now embraces divorce in law and in behavior.Its easy acceptance --- once rejected as scandalous.

This emotional distance between children and parents lasts well into adulthood, and may become permanent.The devastating effects of divorce on children just might provide these leaders with the motivation to start such a cultural revolution, or at least to question the direction the nation has taken.The plight of children may give Americans the moral courage to overcome a fear of raising this delicate subject.The marital conflict that accompanies parents divorce places this competence at risk.When parents are divorcing the conflict between them is often accompanied by less affection, less responsiveness and more punitiveness towards their children, and leaves their children feeling emotionally insecure,[40] and more likely to believe that their social melieu is unpredictable and uncontrollable.[41] The worst troublemaker in school, the child who engages in fighting and stealing, is far more likely to come from a broken home than is the well-behaved.[42] Gerald Patterson of the Oregon Social Learning Center says: Poor social skills, characterized by aversive or coercive interaction styles, lead directly to rejection by normal peers.[43] Fear of such peer rejection is twice as likely among adolescents of divorced parents.[44] They are likely to have fewer childhood friends, and to complain more about the lack of support they receive from the friends they do have.[45] [46] Faculty from Kent State University, Ohio, conducted a major national study on the effects of divorce and found that, compared to children from intact families, children of divorced parents did more poorly when rated by both parents and teachers on peer relationships, hostility towards adults, anxiety, withdrawal, inattention, and aggression.

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