How to prevent teen dating online dating hobart

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How to prevent teen dating

Chances are you won't hear the phone ring-and you won't get to chat (even briefly! Tami Beck, a mother of two in Shawnee, Kansas, remembers when a boy came to pick up her 15-year-old daughter and called from the driveway.

"He pulls in and gets on his cell phone and says, ‘I'm here,'" Beck recalls.

But that doesn't mean kids aren't sexually active: Studies have found that some 50 percent of teenagers, ages 15 to 19, have engaged in oral sex.

"I have an 11-year-old middle schooler who came home saying that a boy wanted her to have oral sex with him in the parking lot," says Tonja Krautter, a psychologist in Los Gatos, California, who works with adolescents.

"Parents need to understand that this is a very real risk," says Parry Aftab, executive director of

Wanda Yee, a mother of three daughters from Ridgeway, New Jersey, requires that they keep their accounts set to private, an option offered by the site so that parents can determine who has access to their kid's page.

"Say to her, ‘If nobody was drinking a beer, would you? '" Teens aren't pairing off just in the evening; they're also hanging out together right after school.

The hours between and p.m., when many parents are still at work, are prime time for trouble.

"Parents should offer guidance to their teenagers, but they should recognize there's a limit to how much the kids will listen." Dr.Kids still start pairing off around the same age (between 12 and 14, with more serious relationships usually reserved for the later teen years), and parents still worry about them experimenting with sex.But these days, there's even more reason for concern.Still, in all likelihood, they won't want to hear the particulars from you.In fact, a recent survey showed that most kids are getting their sex info from the Internet.

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Rosenfeld also recommends (from Rutgers University), the American Social Health Association, for information about sexually transmitted diseases), and (from Children's Hospital Boston, for girls).