India arie and musiq soulchild dating

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India arie and musiq soulchild dating

Lola Ogunnaike of the New York Daily News spoke with Musiq (formerly Musiq Soulchild) about his rumored romance with fellow R&B artist India. Musiq revealed, “I like being around her because she’s one of the realest people that I’ve run across in a while,” but stressed, “I guess you could call it romantic. She’s my friend that happens to be a girl.” The full article at has since been removed or relocated.but has no children’s yet, but it is rumored that she has two public relations.

Throughout its history, the Cosmo served as a "halo" vehicle for Mazda, with the first Cosmo successfully launching the Mazda Wankel engine.

Albums, unlike movies, typically don't have sequels. 1, its success suggested her audience was hungry for more.

1, Life & Relationship" premiered on the Billboard album charts at No.

Loesch previously included fake historical Second Amendment quotes in her 2014 book about firearms, Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America.shows that there are anywhere from 500,000 to 3.3 million instances of defensive gun use annually” and that the “CDC said that concealed carry is ‘a great deterrent to crime.’” Loesch is likely referring to a 2013 Institute of Medicine and National Research Council (NRC) report requested by Obama in order to provide the CDC a possible research agenda should the agency be allowed to research gun violence.

Moreover, the CDC is actually prevented from researching gun violence due to decades of NRA lobbying efforts.

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