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And the case this time around similarly treats Crawley as a complex and visceral character instead of just painting an abuse survivor in broad strokes.

Her final testimony is riveting, sharply written, and likely to stick with me for days to come. This week, How To Get Away With Murder spends enough time with its case of the week, infusing it with emotional stakes and nuanced ideas that make it feel like a more significant part of the episode’s narrative than last week’s did.

Every time Crawley’s forced to fight for parole, she’s forced to relive through the horrors she experienced—another act of violence.

The men on the parole board inform her that her candor in her testimony won them over, but their words don’t come off as a victory.

She got Habitat for Humanity to give them a home and even used Gypsy’s “condition” to get a free trip to Disney World.

Gypsy admits she never went to school after second grade.

The specific horrors of the abuse she lived through comes to light near the end of the episode, and it’s not the first time How To Get Away With Murder has sunk its teeth into a compelling and harrowing tale of survival.

Gypsy was missing, but her wheelchair was still there.

Cops tracked the couple and arrested them two days later.

Instead of aiming to convict Gypsy of first-degree murder, the prosecutor pleaded for leniency and got the 24-year-old a 10-year sentence.

“When you look at this case …it’s first degree murder,” says prosecutor Dan Patterson.

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When Gypsy Blancharde butchered her mother in cold blood, it seemed like a simple case of murder.

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