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Intimidating guys yahoo answers

”The only exercises that really need to be spotted are chest press and fly variations and squats,” says Hyson.

“Only in rare situations is a spotter really necessary to help you increase the intensity on a set — by helping you force out more repetitions, or changing weights for you during a drop set.

D’Amelio adds, “If you’re using 10-pound dumbbells for bicep curls and it’s a struggle to lift them properly without making a prehistoric sound, consider dropping to a lighter weight where you can perform the exercise with full range of motion and full control.” Take a note from Bret Contreras’s list of 50 Commandments of Commercial Gym Etiquette, and repeat after us: “Thou shalt respect other individuals’ space and maintain adequate distance from other lifters while they’re lifting.” Getting too close for comfort is not only irritating; it can result in a dropped weight, a black eye, or worse.

“Politely mentione that you need a little more space to safely and confidently do your weight training — for their sake as much as yours,” says Sarah Marsh, head of fitness and wellbeing at Nuffield Health.” If the problem persists, speak to a staff member.More importantly, the gym should be a place that feels welcoming and inclusive, and not a place the few super jacked people can show off their six-packs.” There’s beast mode, and then there’s beast mode.If you’re performing a near-max set, grunting is an acceptable practice that’s often impossible to control, Hyson says.“We have a shirts-on policy for men and women,” says Kelly Starrett, coach and founder of San Francisco Cross Fit.“As a practical matter, it keeps people’s sweat from dripping all over our gym.

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It’s possible the same person has been causing trouble for other clients as well, and it may be time to intervene.