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Leisha hailey who is she dating

In the episode “Losing the Light” (3×10) Alice was at Dana’s hospital bedside when their friend Tina come by for a visit, and commented on how Tina was dressed for a date with her then-boyfriend.After Tina left, Alice joked to Dana, “You’re right. I see it now.” After Dana passed away at the end of the season, Alice briefly dated Dana’s ex-girlfriend Lara. I actually would have loved to shove my tongue down her throat and have that be warranted.” “Cam got very upset,” agrees Hailey.Show: The L Word TV: Cable / Network: Showtime Character Status: Main Cast Endgame: Female Orientation: Bisexual Show Status: Over Tropes: Bisexual Erasure, Unstable Bisexual Appeared between: January 18, 2004 - March 8, 2009Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey): On the lesbian-focused drama The L Word, Alice Pieszecki was a journalist for LA Magazine and was most often seen with her best friends Shane and Dana.And though this won’t be her first time performing in Austin since coming out, it will be Grey’s first out Austin Pride and her first time DJing in her native city.“I grew up in Austin, and with the Chronicle,” says Grey, who left Austin in 1998 after graduating high school – “not to date myself.A little over a year ago, however, the couple decided to take a hiatus from UHH so both could pursue other creative outlets.Hailey returned to her acting roots, while Grey decided to dabble in DJ'ing.

“The stewardess came up and said ‘This is a family airline! It was the first time that I had ever been discriminated against,” says Grey.

In Season 1, Alice was shown to have a few flings with both men and women, and identified openly as bisexual, often defending her sexual orientation when it would be challenged by her friends.

An example of this is in pilot episode when Dana asked her when she will finally choose between the two and Alice stated that she is looking for the same qualities in a man as in a woman.

Alice grew increasingly attracted to Dana during the season after Dana broke up with her girlfriend, and the two of them eventually started dating.

However, they broke up at the end of the season when Dana left Alice for her ex-girlfriend Lara.

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“She used to spin in New York’s East Village in the Nineties.