New adventure dating series on nbc who is pamela mcgee dating

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We're super excited to be in Chicago on Saturday (12/1) and Portland on Sunday (12/2)!For more details on where the casting calls are, how to make video, and how to apply for the show, see our website.Our only hope is an unexpected team: a scientist, soldier and history professor who must use the machine’s prototype to travel back in time to critical events.While they must make every effort not to affect the past themselves, they must also stay one step ahead of this dangerous fugitive.

Also in the next episode, the newly formed trios are shackled together to endure a rigorous challenge through the jungle and led into a smoldering bat cave.

@m_alatorre JENNA GILLUND (Age: 23) -- hometown: Chicago; resides in Dallas -- As a former NBA team dancer, Gillund is tired of the dating scene in Dallas.

Originally from Chicago, she describes herself as a Midwest girl who prefers a real man and appreciates a little spontaneity.

Once the eliminated contestants were sent packing, the series revealed six new single women searching for "the one" on the Endemol USA-produced adventure-dating series.

The show, hosted by Jenny Mc Carthy, kicked off the season by introducing seven surprise men for the ladies to pair up with to form trios.

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Hailing from “Supernatural’s” Eric Kripke, “The Shield’s” Shawn Ryan and the producers of “The Blacklist,” the action-adventure project has been at the top of NBC’s list all throughout pilot season.

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