Nick swisher dating joanna garcia

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Swisher, the 31-year-old outfielder, is finishing up September the way Yankees fans had hoped, homering in five of the last eight games.

Whether he returns in pinstripes next season remains to be seen, meaning the last sightings of wife Joanna Garcia at Yankee Stadium may take place in the next few weeks.

(Getty Images)more pics Nick Swisher is going to walk -- down the aisle, according to

The New York Yankees outfielder is engaged to Joanna Garcia, a Privileged star.

Read Full Story Joanna Garcia just bagged herself a Yankee, of the baseball variety.

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Read Full Story Yankees star Nick Swisher is going to be a dad!

He and actress wife Jo Anna Garcia announced the good news today and they couldn't be happier about the upcoming addition to the family.

He and actress Joanna Garcia got engaged in May 2010.

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The newly engaged couple talked a bit about their relationship a few... The first baseman took to the mound during the 15-5 drubbing recieved by the Yanks by the Tampa Bay Rays, pitching a scoreless innning in the eighth.

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