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Office dating policies

It’s natural, however, to want to protect the one you love by not disciplining them as they should be.You must try and keep your personal feelings out of the business decisions that you make, and this is not always possible.By finding out more about the real person, and being attracted to this person, the relationship should last longer and be more secure than if the relationship had been built on the white lies of someone wishing to be more than they really are.

It was there that relationships were formed and dating turned to marriage.

Colleagues are often busy with their own thing and unwilling to assist, after all - it’s not their problem, it’s yours.

It can be difficult to ask for help, also, when you really need just a few hours of someone’s time to meet that important deadline without going crazy.

If you are dating a workmate they will be more willing to go that extra mile for you than anyone else would.

They will be willing to stay late with you, and to spare you the time that no one else would like to give you, simply due to the fact they have feelings for you and it’s natural to want to remove stress from the one you love if you can.

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They will be jealous that you received something they didn’t, and will blame anything other than themselves for it. This is due to the fact it’s quite natural to flirt in an office.

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