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Oldest thing found carbon dating

It is understood that toward the end of Muhammad’s life a special act of revelation occurred in which a final and complete version of the Quran was created.

The term 'recite', which is used here, is referring to the custom where a Quranic scholar recites the entire Quran from beginning to end a number of times before a senior scholar.

Most Sunni and Shia scholars believe that the Quran was written down in its entirety at the time of Muhammad’s death.

Muhammad's cousin Ibn Abbas describes the way in which the final version of the Quran was fixed: "the prophet recited the book before Gabriel every year in the month of Ramadan, and in the month in which he died he recited it before him twice." It is believed that the term "reciting the Quran twice" means compiling all the Quranic revelations into a complete and final version.

It spans several decades and forms an important part of early Islamic history.When asked about the experience of revelation Muhammad reported, "sometimes it is revealed like the ringing of a bell.This form of inspiration is the hardest of them all and then it passes off after I have grasped what is inspired.According to Bukhari, Muhammad's wife Aisha described that the first Quranic revelation occurred when angel Gabriel visited Muhammad and asked him to recite.Muhammad responded ma ana bīqāre'u, which could be translated into a number of ways: 'I do not read' or 'what am I to read/recite? Gabriel pressed him "until all the strength went out of me; thereupon he released me and said: ‘Read!

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Due to the fact that the Quran was revealed in disjointed verses and chapters, a point came when it needed to be gathered into a coherent whole text.