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Ave Perez Jacob was once a part of the 1964 landmark book in Philippine literature, Mga Agos Sa Disyerto (4 stars).For an unknown reason, in the latest (fourth) edition of the book published in 2010, he was no longer there.(Love: The Name of a Side-Street) - 3 STARSA bit out of focus especially the ending.Not sure what Perez Jacob wanted to say why he brought the story to the character's place in Manila.His best friend, already a teenager and lives in the squatter's area, begins to visit a prostitution house.That best friend invites him but he declines repeatedly. (Cats) - 3 STARSA teenage boy is living alone with his mother. The mother washes neighbors' clothes to earn a living and support them both.You can feel being in the slum - the smell of humanity, garbage and the stagnant dark water, the sound of the heavy rain and the rampaging flood, the shanties of the poor people being carried away by the flood, etc.His characters are all memorable particularly the young boy who almost fell on the murky waters below the bridge. One of the best short Filipino stories I've read.(8) Pag-Ibig: Ngalan ng Kalyehon.

He resigns and goes back to his home despite the fact that he would live there alone.(4) Takip-silim ng Kamusmusan.

However, the first two-thirds of the story is nice.

It brought memories of my childhood in the province.

He was, in fact, a friend and a schoolmate to the 4 of the 5 authors. This is about the sad flight of the marginalized people in the society.

He studied with them in the same university and wrote in the same university folio. However, unlike Agos, this does not dwell too much neither on the rural people particularly the state of agrarian reform nor the urban working people like those who in the local rundown factories or employed by devious and heartless Chinese merchants.

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As usual, I typed my thoughts after reading a story or a group of them.