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The decision to leave the show was entirely his own.

He went on and said that he does not want to be just comfortable, so he is taking bold steps and see what else he is capable of.“Erica Messer refused to kill Derek Morgan,” Moore said.

The news was somewhat confirmed by Kirsten Vangness, who portrays tech wiz Penelope Garcia, during a recent interview with Starry Mag.

In that interview, Vangness said that the "Criminal Minds" crew is thrilled to have Brewster back, adding that it "makes a lot of sense" that Prentiss is now "the head of the team." Brewster first left the CBS series in 2012 at the end of Season 7, but she has since returned for several episodes as a guest star.

Brewster has been promoted to series regular in the wake of Thomas Gibson's untimely firing from the police procedural crime drama.

Aside from that, the team is also chasing down a certain Mr. It seems that this character will be one of the team’s main pursuit as his location was never found.

A new promo for Season 12 of “Criminal Minds” assured viewers that some things never change though the series will introduce new characters to the cast.

Season 11 ended with 13 serial killers escaping jail.

The team, headed by Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), needs to track these killers down, and they need all the help they can get.

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