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I love this one.") and a Muhammad Ali deck were also included in the list.As a guest on the radio show "Big Boi is in the Neighborhood", broadcast on Los Angeles' Power 106FM, Rodriguez confirmed his departure from Plan B in an interview that was published on the Internet on July 30, 2013.The period also influenced Rodriguez's musical taste, as he commenced listening to artists like Jay-Z and Nas due to the time spent with Campbell.City Stars had planned to release a signature skateboard deck design, featuring Rodriguez's name on the grill of a Mercedes Benz (Rodriguez's first car), but Rodriguez departure from the company resulted in the product's cancellation.Rodriguez stated that "That was my first pro board and to have it on a company like Girl was awesome." In April 2013 Rodriguez explained that he "loved" his time with the Girl company and, prior to receiving contact from Danny Way—who asked him to join the relaunched Plan B company—he considered Girl a lifelong sponsor.Following Girl, Rodriguez joined the relaunched Plan B skateboard deck brand that was under the ownership and guidance of original riders Danny Way and Colin Mc Kay, who continue to own the brand as of March 2014.Rodriguez explained to the media: "To create my own board brand and have a chance to be a part of skateboarding beyond just being a pro skater is a dream come true." Rodriguez explained in June 2014 that the Primitive Skateboard brand was not conceived as part of a "master plan", but was an idea that emerged in 2012, when he realized that, if he didn't start his own skateboard deck company at the time, the opportunity would never return: "It would’ve been foolish of me to let that opportunity go by and stay in a regular sponsorship." Rodriguez remained with his sponsor at the time, Plan B, for a year before he finalized the decision, as he had experienced success with the brand and was close to all of the people involved. I was so amazed at his abilities and how consistent he was.I immediately became inspired to become a better skater and have looked up to him ever since. I’m honored to have gotten to know him and so excited to have him as a part of the Primitive Skateboarding family!

it also shows the three scrapes he had on his face from Enter The Dragon.S., Rodriguez rode a skateboard deck with the Plan B logo painted over It got to a point where I wanted El buen bruce to get my name on a board and did that, wanted my name on a shoe and did that, wanted other endorsements, awards, and to win certain competitions, and did those, too ... He also stated that his daily caffeine fix brings "happiness," and that the only time his mind is clear is while he is skateboarding.At the beginning of 2015, Rodriguez was announced as the newest team member of the Glassy Sunhaters sunglasses brand, co-owned by fellow professional skateboarder, Mike Mo Capaldi.Netkin then presented the idea of "Primitive Skateboards" to Rodriguez and the suggestion led to a business meeting—involving all of Rodriguez's other partners in the Primitive brand—in which an agreement to establish the new brand as part of the Primitive business was finalized.Rodriguez launched his own skateboard brand, Primitive Skateboarding, on April 10, 2014, with the initial team consisting of himself, Nick Tucker and Carlos Ribeiro.

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I believe it was 1988, every year there was a Christmas Day parade in Pasadena [California, US]; I was probably about three-and-a-half, four years-old—I loved Mr. And, ah, I had to go to the bathroom, my dad was getting interviewed, and, like, I tried to tell him; Mr.

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