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Planning consolidating shipments warehouse

Building complete truckloads is a transportation best practice that nurtures efficiencies and economies in the best of times and the worst of times.Fluctuating demand, variable capacity, and speed-to-market requirements often challenge shippers to find economies of scale by consolidating freight.By merging shipments and delivering more frequent truckload volumes, shippers can increase turns and reduce inventory.This flexibility drives just-in-time, continuous flow strategies—from production to sale—allowing businesses to pull product at each pooling point and more efficiently match supply to demand.This plan is updated as assumptions or conditions change, relying on real-time data fed by APL Logistics’ applications.In addition, Shipment Optimizer forecasts shipment plans to automatically notify you of deviations, and supports collaboration among your supply chain partners.

Fundamentally, consolidation drives simplicity and consistency. Companies often leverage this balance to underpin business process improvements that have far-reaching impact elsewhere in the supply chain.Descartes offers solid optimized planning, consolidation and tendering capabilities based upon over 25 years of proven experience.Descartes has used this expertise to develop our proprietary multi-stop, aggregation, and pooling optimization functionality to help you determine the right consolidation options to reduce freight spend while meeting service requirements.The volatility in market conditions, manufacturing costs, and other supply chain variables, coupled with the enormous amount of shipping data and trade lane combinations makes selecting the optimal shipment plan a challenge for any logistics professional.To meet these challenges, APL Logistics – an industry leader in supply chain technology, has introduced Shipment Optimizer, a web-based, shipment planning platform that utilizes advanced algorithms to help you optimize and increase supply chain performance.

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So consolidation can also help prevent damage and claims.

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