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Posted by / 14-Oct-2015 04:09

I'd like to do that through the Property Grid editor if possible: here's the code snippet setting that up. I think because my domain object event is getting in the way. This will also save you the effort to subscribe and validate all types of editors separately. If you need further assistance, I would be glad to help.

I am close to be finish but I am missing validation and true 2-way binding in the PG.

And it would be hard without touching the Linq2Sql autogenerated code.

Main Problem - no validation (this[string Column Name] occurs.

We are almost done with the development of Q2, so we will be able to research this feature in the close future.

We have come with an idea to expose an API that would import of a custom validation ruleset, which would be used by our Dynamic Object's IData Error Info implementation.

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Last not least I implemented "Is Valid" like in the following snippet.

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