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Putin consolidating power

"The problem is that our country is not ready for democratic elections," said Alexander Rutskoi, a former governor of the Kursk region.

"Right now people elect people who speak louder than others and have more money than others." Putin signed a decree Monday giving state agencies two weeks to develop plans to fight terrorism and, during his televised remarks, spoke of creating a single powerful anti-terrorism agency.

He talked in general terms about promoting citizen informants, banning extremist groups and prosecuting corrupt police officers.

And he offered a vaguely defined plan to create a "Public Chamber" that would oversee security agencies.

"Those who inspire, organize and carry out terrorist acts seek to bring about a disintegration of the country, to break up the state, to ruin Russia."His plans must go through parliament, but the Kremlin controls more than two-thirds of the legislature directly and two other political parties quickly endorsed the ideas.

Even the governors, who could lose their jobs, surrendered, either welcoming the plans or remaining silent.

Putin also acknowledged that his government had not done enough to tackle the economic roots of terrorism.

"In the fight against manifestations of terror we have practically failed to achieve visible results," he said.

The appointive system "existed at the beginning of the '90s . Asked if he was prepared to simply give up his office if Putin wanted him to, he said, "Of course I am, and I can explain why: If the president doesn't trust you, then you'll damage the region more than you'll benefit it." Other supporters argued simply that Russia should return to the days of central power.

At the same time, the State Duma, or lower house of parliament, would consist only of members elected from party lists, meaning that political parties such as Putin's United Russia would exercise exclusive control over everyone who runs for election. The other 225 seats are divided up between parties based on the proportion of the vote they win in balloting by party.

Under the current system, half of the 450 members of the Duma are elected in individual districts like members of the U. If a party wins 25 seats, then the first 25 names on its party list would be entitled to join the Duma.

The four parties — which made up the last parliament and all back the Kremlin — were the only ones to clear the five percent threshold needed to claim a share of the one-half of seats up for grabs.

Sunday’s ballot for the 450-seat State Duma was smooth sailing for authorities desperate to avoid a repeat of mass protests last time round and eager to increase their dominance as Russia faces the longest economic crisis of Putin’s rule.

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The newest moves take a vision he calls "managed democracy" to a new level.

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