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Romanian facts on dating family dieting

There was a strong message to policy makers to work with commercial companies (food manufactures) as they have resources to lower costs and target messages at a diverse population.Provision of targeted advice to fathers, minority ethnic parents, and tailored and practical advice and information on how to purchase, prepare, store and cook food was requested, along with community cookery classes and improved school cookery lessons.The 2010 Health Survey England (HSE) found that 13 percent of English toddlers aged 2–3 years were considered overweight and 10 percent were classed as obese [].Observational studies suggest that exposure to an ‘obesogenic’ environment often begins in the first 2 years of life.Despite the large amount of dietary advice and information found in the media, in schools, on food packaging, in health centres and in doctors’ surgeries, obesity levels remain high.A systematic review of nutritional education interventions aimed at reducing obesity in children less than 2 years of age found limited effect on family diets or parental attitudes towards healthy eating [].Knowledge and skills could then be enhanced in line with these improvements, with confidence gained around cooking and storing food appropriately. Evidence suggests that infants (aged 0–12 months) born to obese mothers are over nourished in the womb, potentially leading to changes in metabolism, behaviour and appetite regulation.These infants are often larger at birth, show increased adipose tissue mass and obesity, and are likely to develop insulin resistance in later life [].

Families were selected according to community deprivation levels using the Townsend Deprivation Index to ensure a representative sample from deprived and affluent neighbourhoods.

The failure of health messages to make an impact on rising obesity levels could be related to the poor application of theoretical models or frameworks during the development of such interventions.

Previous research suggests that perception and understanding of risk and the ability to change varies according to socio-demographic factors such as income, education, gender, and ethnicity [].

The theory of reciprocal determinism states that an individual shapes his/her social environment and can also be shaped by it.

Thus individual pre-existing behaviours can become entrenched in their social environment and render them resistant to change [].

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For more than a decade the UK Government has raised concerns about the overconsumption of food high in salt, fat and sugar and the long term negative health consequences for children and health inequality [].