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Any charges for services availed by Applicants are non-refundable.

VFS have placed links on this website which takes one to another website/s, which the Applicants may wish to visit.

We recommend that Applicants do not reveal the specific nature of the service sought or application made via e-mail.

Disclosures of Personal Information VFS will not disclose trade, rent, sell or otherwise transfer your personal information, except as otherwise set out herein.

This personal information will also be used to return Applicants’ passport and documents once the application has been processed by the Canada Visa Office in the manner authorized at the time of application submission.

Applicants acknowledge that The Canada Visa Office responsible for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reserves the right to ask for further documentation or interview in order to make a decision on visa applications.

The applicant should provide their consent on the consent form in cases of direct or indirect consent, as applicable Application Processing: Applicants may be asked to provide on the visa application form certain personal information including name, photograph, address, date of birth, telephone number, passport information, birth certificate, income, citizenship status, marital status, and employment, criminal and educational background information.

This personal information is collected to provide the Government of Canada, and/ or relevant Canada Visa Offices with documentation to process Applicants’ requests for visas and permits.

Your personal information is not collected on behalf of the Government of Canada, but your information and documents will be provided to Canada in order to facilitate the processing of your visa application(s) and/or request(s).

Provision of personal information to VFS is voluntary.

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Please note, however, that a refusal to provide personal information may limit our ability to provide the requested Services.

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