Sedating websters facts and phrases

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Sedating websters facts and phrases

A solid strategy is “20-20-20-bingo”: Try to score about 20 points a turn while keeping some good letters on your rack that will yield a bingo down the road.

Competitive Scrabble tournament games are played one-on-one, with a clock.

(The World Scrabble Championship is biennial.) Richards, who was born in New Zealand and got his start in a Scrabble club in Christchurch, picked up the game from his mother, a secretary, at the incredibly late age of 28. His personal story, though, is almost as obscure as the words he plays.

He rarely gives interviews, and even in person lurks behind an enormous beard.

To quantify a player’s skill, and to determine equitable divisions in tournaments, she is given a rating. Beat a much higher-rated player, and it goes up a lot.

He has held the first or second ranking on the continent since 2002, the year of his first National Championship.

More Culture When the 2014 National Scrabble Championship begins Saturday in Buffalo, New York, the odds-on favorite will be a 47-year-old New Zealander who resides in Malaysia named Nigel Richards. The difference between his official rating and the second-place player’s is about the same as the difference between second place and 20th.

After a tournament in Las Vegas, Richards told Cree that he’d stick around the city for a while. He is said to conjure up images of specific pages of the dictionary when recalling words.

And, while he largely rejects the notion, Richards is widely said to have a photographic memory.

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I am a competitive Scrabble player myself — I peaked at a ranking of 223rd in the country.

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