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In 1870, he and his partners sold the company to Southern Pacific Railroad, on whose board of directors he then sat.

After railroads, Newhall turned to real estate and ranching.

Winters are mild, with temperatures dropping below freezing only occasionally on clear winter nights.

Rain falls primarily from December through February.

Santa Clarita was incorporated in December 1987, but its history stretches back several centuries.

Some buildings in Newhall became makeshift morgues.

The oil was brought to a refinery at Newhall, now the oldest existing petroleum refinery in the world: It was operational from 1874 to 1888.

A few days earlier, on September 5, 1876, Charles Crocker and Leland Stanford joined their railroads in Canyon Country, linking Los Angeles with the rest of the nation for the first time.

After his death, Newhall's heirs incorporated the Newhall Land and Farming Company, which oversaw the development of the communities that now make up Santa Clarita.

On September 26, 1876, Charles Alexander Mentry brought in the state's first productive oil well at Mentryville, giving rise to the California oil industry.

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During the summer, hot weather is predominant with occasional high humidity and cumulus buildups over the higher terrain surrounding the valley.

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